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Student Registration Information 学⽣注册信息

1. Please choose the program(s) preference for your child.

2. Please note that HoK reserves the right to place your child as we see fit, based on age, developmental status, availability of places, consideration of siblings, group dynamics, etc.
请注意,HoK有权根据孩⼦的个体发展情况,以及 班级的空位,双胞胎的分配等情况来分配孩⼦所在的班级。

3. Please note that the HoK Elementary program is only available at Quanfa Campus.
请注意, HoK⼩学课程仅在泉发校区提供。

√ 5 Full Days(5个全天)

√ 5 Full Days(5个全天)