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The Parent / legal Guardian signature below constitutes agreement with the following:

1. CONTRACT: 1. The parent/ legal guardian agrees that this application constitutes a contract with the International School House of Knowledge (HoK), once the signed contract has been approved by HoK and the down payment has been paid. This contract ends once a withdrawal notice is received and all accounts are settled.
(家长/法定监护人与好思之家三语学校及幼儿园签订的入学申请具有合同效力。—旦学校通知家长录取孩子并在家长 支付定金后合同开始生效,当学校受到家长的退学通知并在家长支付清所有所欠费用后合同终止。)

2. ATTENDANCE: The parent/ legal guardian agrees to the principle that the child must regularly attend HoK.

3. FEES: The parent/ legal guardian is liable for payment of all applicable fees as stated in the current school year fee schedule, regardless of any monetary subsidies provided by their employer(s)/organization(s).

4. POLICIES: The parent/ legal guardian will abide by all the school’s rules, procedures and policies that are included in the Parent Handbook, which are subject to change. (家长/法定监护人需要遵守《家长手册》上有关本校的规章,程序以及方针政策, 此手册会时常更新。)

5. WAIVER: 1. The parent/ legal guardian agrees that HoK employees take reasonable steps to minimize the risk of injury, HoK does not accept any liability for accidents either on campus, on organized field trips, on the school bus service, at school sponsored events, enroute to/from or at any before or after school activity or any related school activity. To ensure that immediate steps are taken in case of an emergency, please ensure that your updated emergency contact information, medical insurance and your medical contact details are made known to HoK’s administration staff, and that a current Health Form has been completed and submitted to the office.
(家长/法定监护人认可本校员工会尽责以减少事故发生,好思之家在以下清况时不承担任何责任: 孩子在校期间,在校 车内,参加学校组织的校内校外活动,或其它课外活动发生意外事故。为了及时应对紧急事故,请家长及时通知学校 的行政人员更新孩子紧急清况联系信息,医疗保险和医疗信息。)

6. INSURANCE: The parent/ legal guardian affirms that the parent/ legal guardian is responsible to ensure that the child is covered with current and comprehensive health and emergency insurance during school time.

7. LEGAL: This agreement is subject to Chinese law. Place of jurisdiction is Beijing, China. (本协议适用于中华人民共和国法律。专属管辖地属于中国北京。)

Date: May 27, 2019
Release Form for Use of Student Name/Picture on
HoK School Web Page, Class Projects and Marketing Materials

Dear Parents:

By signing below, you agree to and understand that pictures of your child or work created by your child may be used for HoK marketing or educational purposes. Possible uses include, but are not limited to:

    · Given as samples or used to demonstrate projects/activities in educational workshops, classes, and/or conferences
    用作于教学活动; 课程及会议中的演示/活动
    · Posted in school materials or on the school webpage
    HoK 在学校的网站或宣传材料上
    · Videotaped to record student presentations of projects, or in broadcasts or videotapes of school related events and purposes
    · HoK promotional materials and/or advertisements
    · Pictures of school events and school trips etc, to be used in local publications such as Beijing Kids, Parents & Kids, Family Time Out and such.
    学校的活动或出游,用于当地发行的杂志如: Beijing Kids, Parents & Kids, Family Time Out

Date: May 27, 2019
Acknowledgement of Photo Restrictions and Privacy

I/we parent(s) of/legal guardian(s) of above student, hereby acknowledge that the passing on of picture material or electronically transferred picture data to third persons is not permitted. I/we understand that any reproduction, publication or storage onto databases, as well as any form of commercial use or distribution, is also not permitted.


Date: May 27, 2019