Applying to House of Knowledge 申请报名好思之家

We are delighted that you have decided to apply to House of Knowledge International School and welcome

applications from students of all nationalities, including Chinese nationals. House of Knowledge seeks to

offer education to all eligible students who identify with the school's values and to maintain a diverse student

population representative of race, gender, color, religion, national and ethnic origin, abilities and economic




Cut-off date: All students who are six years old no later than August 31st are eligible to enter 1st grade at HoK.

截止日期:所有8 月31 日前满6 岁的孩子可以加入好思之家一年级。

Grades and Ages 班级与年龄要求:

18 months-3 years old 18 个月 – 3 岁 Nursery 小班

3-5 years old 3- 5 岁 Pre-K 中班

5-6 years old 5-6 岁 Kindergarten 预备班

6 years old 6 岁 1st Grade 小学一年级

7 years old 7 岁 2nd Grade 小学二年级

8 years old 8 岁 3rd Grade 小学三年级

9 years old 9 岁 4th Grade 小学四年级

Applications for admission are accepted at any time of the year, subject to the capacity of intended grade levels and

program requirements. The process is as follows.


Step 1: Arrange a Visit 第一步:预约参观

We encourage all parents to visit our campuses personally before enrolling in our programs. Tours are available

on a weekly basis and are a great opportunity to meet our team and learn more about HoK.


顺义校区:北京市朝阳区马泉营路18 号(泉发花园北门外200 米) Shunyi Campus North gate of Quanfa compound, 18 Maquanying Rd. Beijing

朝阳公园校区:北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西里南区15 号(维多利亚花园公寓) Chaoyang Park Campus Victoria Gardens, 15 Chaoyang Park West Rd. Beijing

400 650 7747 |

Step 2: Submit Application 第二步:申请报名

Complete the online application:

(Please open with FireFox or Google Chrome) or fill in the application form and bring to the Campus Manager.



A signed School Withdrawal and Refund policy 签署退款退费规定表

Passport photo of child/ren 一张儿童护照照片

HoK School Bus Application Form, if necessary 如有需要请填写校车申请表

References and reports from previous schools/preschools attended and full contact information (if possible)


Application fee of RMB2,000 (Non-refundable) 报名费2000 元(不予退还)

Deposit of RMB15,000 (Please see Withdrawal and Refund Policy for returning deposit)

押金小班15,000 元 ( 关于退款步骤请见退款规定)

Paymentof Registration Fee and Deposit must be paid directly at the Campus Manager’s office in cash or via bank

transfer. Please provide us with a copy of yourpayment confirmation via email to

(Scan of the receipt for cash payment and a screen shot for bank transfer are accepted).



School Account Information 学校账号信息

Bank Name 银行名称:中国银行北京太阳宫支行

Account Name 帐户名称:北京好思之家教育咨询有限公司

Bank Address 银行地址:北京市朝阳区太阳宫中路12号楼凯德Mall L1层01-40-43

Account No. 帐号:3337 6744 1330

Step 3: Interview and Acceptance 第三步:面试与批准入学

Once we have received all of the documents listed above and payment, we may invite you and your child(ren) for

an informal interview. For non-native English speaking children interested in Kindergarten or Elementary, we will

also schedule a brief meeting with our principal.



Decisions on admissions are based on the holistic wellbeing of each child and class group. We seek to maintain

a community with a range of nationalities, languages, cultures, backgrounds among students and families who

identify with our core values.


顺义校区:北京市朝阳区马泉营路18 号(泉发花园北门外200 米) Shunyi Campus North gate of Quanfa compound, 18 Maquanying Rd. Beijing

朝阳公园校区:北京市朝阳区朝阳公园西里南区15 号(维多利亚花园公寓) Chaoyang Park Campus Victoria Gardens, 15 Chaoyang Park West Rd. Beijing

400 650 7747 |

Step 4: Payment 第四步:付款

Full payment is required before a student may attend class. Please refer to the invoice for the amount due, the

due date and the bank information.For all accepted students, placement will be guaranteed upon full receipt

of full payment of new student fee and tuition fee. If full payment is not received by the due date, we cannot

guarantee the seat for your child.


Please provide us with a copy of yourpayment confirmation (Screen shot or scan of the bank slip)via email to and

请将您的付款凭证(付款凭证的扫描件或截屏)发送邮件至 和。

Step 5: Completion of necessary forms upon payment confirmation


A completed Health Form(completed no more than 3 months prior to the child’s first day of school)

by a designated hospital (BJU or SanLiTun Hospitals for Victoria Gardens Campus,

BJU or Heping Hospital for QuanFa Campus)

经指定医院出具的体检单,入学前3 个月内有效(维多利亚校区指定医院为和睦家或三里屯社区卫生所,泉发校区指定医院为和睦家或和平医院)

A completed Medical Record and Authorization Form


A completed Designated Hospital Form


Photocopy of the child’s medical insurance card or policy


Photocopy of parent’s and child’s ID


Passport-size photograph of the parents


Direct Billing Information Form (if necessary)

学费公司直接支付信息表 ( 如需要)

Health Record (only necessary for child(ren) with a Beijing Hukou)


Photocopy of vaccination Record


Step 6: Preparation for Kindergarten/Elementary 第六步:准备入学

Receive email from Admissions with confirmation of starting date and how the adjustment process works.

Please note, the starting date will be a minimum of three working days after receiving all documents

and full payment.



Receive email from group teachers with group pictures and what you need to prepare